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  Welcome to Tyrone Area FFA website. We are an agricultural science program located in Tyrone, PA. Our chapter has 91 active AET student accounts and 1 teacher.  

Our students are developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

Please take a look around our site to see what's going on at Tyrone Area FFA.

During the Fall Leadership Conference the Tyrone Area FFA Members were given an opportunity to work as a team to complete the Learning to Serve plan for the chapter.  The thirty-three students who were selected to attend the conference ranged from first year members to seniors.  They also returned to school and shared their experiences during their Agricultural Education courses to not only promote the conference, but to demonstrate what they gained in leadership abilities by participating.
After the officers learned basic parliamentary procedure to use during their monthly meetings, they decided to promote the Parliamentary Procedure CDE.  For the first time in 27 years, Tyrone Area FFA Chapter had a Parliamentary Procedure team who practiced two times a week and competed at South Central Region Competition in April.  They also presented their skills during the May School Board Meeting.  These students come from all walks of life and have very different interests, but found that parliamentary procedure is used in their lives through the government to protect the rights of the minority, while keeping orderly meetings.
Chloe Case and Toni Burns show off their streak plates from their AgriScience competition at Tyrone Area High School Agricultural Program on December 3, 2015.  They were in the team division researching kennel cleaning agents and which ones cleaned the best.
Mara Aurand, Ms. Penn State Altoona International, spoke to the entire freshman class during a one hour presentation.  The Leadership and Communication (Ag Course) coordinated the event which addressed "Distracted Driving."  As the freshmen interacted with Ms. Aurand, they completed a worksheet and were given the opportunity to ask questions throughout the presentation.  Through the Speakers Series, the committee was able to bring in presenters on citizenship, personal choice, career success, animal rescues, and animal nutrition.  More than 225 individuals were impacted by this series.
Tyrone Area FFA members worked along side of C&L Lawncare employees at the Albemarle Trail on Back Vail Road to plant trees.  The members learned how to properly plant the trees and then mulched them to help them survive the winter. Learning to Serve is part of the FFA motto and our chapter encourages all members to go and serve their community.  We also help with fair cleanup, the backpack program for elementary students and landscape at the local community players theatre location.  Many organization contact our Ag teacher because of our reliability and work we have done through our service projects.
Carly Crofcheck explaining her project to the judge during the local AgriScience Fair at Tyrone Area High School Agricultural Department.  Carly investigated what impact spices would have on E.coli development.
Those who braved the chilly, rainy weather on Saturday, October 3, 2015 were able to get up and close with some traditional farm animals at the Farm City Day in Tyrone.  Throughout the day, Tyrone Area FFA members spoke to children and adults about how you approach animals, their daily care, their uses, and even byproducts produced.  The members also assisted vendor with tent setups and teardowns along with carrying tables, trash cans, and overall grunt work.
All 155 kindergarten students from the school district, along with their teachers and chaperones attended the 4 interactive stations. 10 lead teachers wrote and prepared the lesson plans for the stations, while an additional 18 members assisted the lead teachers. The Busy Bee pollination game (pictured) was a popular game.  Members created other activities when teachers decided to keep the students at the stations longer than scheduled - Bee freeze tag; hunting for decomposer (pill bugs another favorite); identify a sugar maple tree and explain how maple syrup was made for Tyler
In the background is the obstacle course the students and chaperones tested their communication and trust skills as they crossed each section on just a skinny wire.  By meeting new heights, our members learned to put aside differences and work together.  Even our two members who were unable to climb because of injuries were just as instrumental in the groups success because their encouragement got member across the obstacles. We also made new friends and got back to our chapter
Daniel Peterson, Chapter President and his family purchased some light hogs from fair. The Peterson family offered to finance the raising of the hogs and then donated all of the animals to a Sausage Sale. The goal was to sell 350 lbs. of sausage at $3.50 each. The chapter members sold 500 lbs. for a profit of over $1700. By buying hogs for a fair price and buying feed, bedding, and processing services locally, members could see how buying local can have an impact on the community. Creating a incentive program also benefited members who may be struggling to afford FFA events and apparel.
The January Thank You Pancake and Egg Breakfast for Agricultural Education students was a great success.  The officers cooked breakfast for all agricultural education students as an act of kindness to show members how a simple act can make a positive impact on a student
Agricultural Education students helped unload a pony, two boar goats, a jersey calf, and sheep for the Farm City Day - Tyrone on the first Saturday in October 2014.  Baylee DelBaggio, pictured, spent most of the day talking with the public about the difference between a horse and a pony.  She is involved in the equine industry through her SAE project.  Sharing their knowledge and teaching the public about the importance of agriculture in our community and lives is very important to our chapter.
The Tyrone Area FFA members planned and executed the Blair County Public Speaking Event in March 2015.  Students who planned and assisted with the event and those that competed (pictured) all gained valuable growth.  Some learned how to complete school documents, others learned how to organize events based on rule specifications, and others went outside of their comfort zones by competing or welcoming judges and guests.
The PA Farm Bureau
Twenty-five students from two classes helped to unload the 388 boxes of citrus and cheesecakes. After everything was unload, members from all classes helped to check the quality of the fruit and added Thank You notes to each box. The chairperson worked with a handful of students in sorting all orders prior to releasing any boxes from the shop. All orders were filled and delivered or picket up by December 9 at 5:00 PM. The students used these funds to pay for classroom and laboratory items, leadership conference costs, Ag-in-the-Classroom Activities, annual banquet awards, and a fieldtrip to the 100th PA Farm Show and PA State AgriScience Competition in January.
Carly Crofcheck spends some time with the boar goats in the petting zoo at Farm City Days.
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